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Amazing Christmas Tree Lighting|Testimony

On Christmas tree lighting event prepared by Tainan Holiness Church, I found three interesting things: firstly, was to be opened to everyone (brothers and sisters who are Christians and non-Christians), secondly to share your love with them; all TNHC members whom were dealing with different activities were happy and humble to all (youth, elders, and parents), thirdly was care they were being patient to everyone, serving with their kindness.

They made me to think on my home country’s people if they’ll be like that, willing to help to everyone without looking the grades or authority and having the same vision of letting people know our mighty God and share the gospel to them, our happiness and peace we found in Christ as is one of our missions we have on this earth.

Lastly was respect which was thing I learnt from these government authority’s member were there. I loved the way they valued the event, respected all activities, and stayed there until the end. I thank God all things went well even I got tired, but God gave me strength.

▌Gigi/Burundi/International Student





▌Gigi /蒲隆地/國際學生

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